Equine Management Workshop

Held Tuesday November 12, 2013,
Boyce Fire Hall, Boyce Virginia

Hosted by: The Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Virginia Cooperative Extension

The focus of the workshop was to provide information about improving the overall health and safety of horses. Dr. Lee Newman, veterinarian with the Shenandoah Animal Hospital discussed horse health as related to pasture management. She explained the advantages of rotational grazing to reduce parasites, effectively manage manure and improve forage. She emphasized that with a small financial investment in fencing equine health issues can be greatly reduced effectively saving horse owners money.

Corey Childs, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension discussed pasture and paddock care as related to forage species. He spoke later about nutrient management and composting techniques.

Bobby Clark also a Virginia Cooperative Extension agent talked about mortality management. He explained the 6 alternatives for carcass disposal in order of preference. Rendering through Valley Protein will not take cattle but is an option for horse owners, onsite composting can be very effective if done correctly, incineration but these facilities are not found locally, landfill burial, and finally onsite burial.

Approximately 10 persons attended the workshop. A second similar program will be held in the spring.